ICFA Day 1

The nice thing about having a free day at a conference is that you can just hang out in your hotel room for hours, eating room service breakfast (which is big enough to also cover room service lunch, the portion sizes in hotels are way too big for me) and pounding through backlogged e-mail. I’ve gotten a lot done!

The thing to watch out for is that you can easily get glued to your couch, since there’s nothing else you actually *have* to do. Going to get up and go for a run (by which I mean, do Zombies Run! Couch-to-5K, which means mostly walking with a few little running sprints to train me towards an actual run eventually), just to stretch my legs. Then probably some more work, and hopefully I get to check out some panels and papers. I just need to clear away a little more of the backlog first, so I feel a little less panicky.

Inbox: 337

(Can I get to Inbox Zero by the end of the con? We’ll see.)

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