I have cleared away a bunch of e-mail, thanks to my assistant, Kay. Woot. Goal: Inbox Zero by the end of ICFA? That may be unreasonable (given that I still have about 350 messages), but damn, it would make me happy. Better than therapy, I suspect.
We also set up a bunch of filters and labels today, which should help with keeping things organized. No, I haven’t been using filters or labels all this time. Yes, I am a dinosaur.
I feel that I should perhaps clarify that this is a different assistant (a virtual one, working remotely from New York) than the previous assistant, Chris. Kay is just working for a few hours here and there to help specifically with some tech things. It feels ridiculously luxurious to have two assistants, but different people have different skill sets, who knew? My original assistant is still with me and still fabulous at the things he does.
Treating my writing like a grown-up business is weird.

2 thoughts on “Kay”

  1. I am interested on how you connected with Kay as an assistant. I have friend who is overwhelmed by email and I wonder if getting tech assistance would be helpful to her. Thanks, Margaret S

    1. Mary Anne Mohanraj

      Margaret, I’m happy to put you in touch with her. I met her just this past weekend at a conference; she’s been doing the same kind of work for Ada Palmer, a writer/professor friend of mine.

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