Three hours

Oof, going to be a little bit of a rough day, I think. I was so tired last night that I started playing Sims — and then got so addicted to it that I stayed up until midnight (unlike my usual 10-ish). I forgot, immersive video games are too much for my willpower right now; now totally reconsidering idea of doing Warcraft with the family; we can find other ways to bond.

I was then buzzed enough that it took me an hour to fall asleep — and then was woken by noise from upstairs at 4 a.m. (Anand either watching tv or playing with the cousins, not sure which.) So, running on three hours of sleep today. Managed to shower, dress, make eggs and apple-cheddar biscuits to feed the horde, but I am now thinking going back to bed for a while might be wise.

Add to the confusion that our dishwasher stopped working last night; Kev tried to fix it, but no luck, and now Jed is taking a stab at it. (It’s a Bosch, so gives an electronic error code, and now Jed has listened to a Youtube video on how to fix this, apparently delivered in a soothing and confident British voice, so we’ll see how that goes.) The kitchen is starting to swim in dirty dishes; if he fixes it, great. If not, we’ll call a plumber and start in with the hand-washing of the many dishes, including the ones that were in the dishwasher last night and are now covered in a thin layer of soap. Not tasty.

A nap is definitely in order.

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