It’s all about the house really

Oh, I meant to post about this earlier, but the run-up to the holidays was so harried I forgot. Kevin overheard the kids talking a month or so ago, and I think it was mostly about some video they were watching, and Anand explaining to Kavi that ‘cheating’ was when you were dating two people at the same time.

Kevin apparently stepped in and clarified that ‘cheating’ was when you *lied* about dating two people at the same time. And then later that day, we both talked to them a little bit about Uncle Jed and grown-ups dating in complicated ways.

Mostly, we reassured them that the main part that was relevant to them, was that Daddy and Mommy were planning to live together and raise them to be grown-ups and then we’d grow old living together, and if Kavi and Anand wanted, they could probably live with us even when they were adults.

They are very fond of this house, and now have complicated plans for how they will share the house as adults, with their spouses, children, etc. We’ll see how it goes!

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