Jed is helping me set up Cloud storage, because I am finally caving to the Way of Apple. All my important documents will be primarily stored in the Cloud, i.e., on some other random computer somewhere, so that I can easily access them from my work computer (dying, but not quite on its last gasp yet), home desktop, laptop, and phone.

In theory, this will be a good thing, but just as I had to push myself to give up having all my mail on my hard drive when I switched to Gmail, it makes me stupidly nervous to have the ‘live’ copy of my documents on some computer out of my control. Of course, I back-up regularly onto a hard drive sitting in my office, so even if that computer implodes, I have a copy of everything. It will all be fine.

Nonetheless, the prospect makes me feel bizarrely panicky, and it is only Jed’s reassuring voice that is getting me through the process. I am a dinosaur. Roar.

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