My agent read the first 30K words of my novel and said all the right things and I am very happy and now I am wondering if it’s unreasonable to plan to finish a draft (another 50K words or so) by January 16th, when classes start again. Hm.

“It’s not like any world I’ve encountered in science fiction and feels completely original and fresh.”
I have to tell you, reading that note from a (very well-read) reader on the first third of the novel I’ve drafted is giving me life. I have something of a terror of being derivative with my genre work.
I have Jed and in-laws here for a few more days, and I want to spend time with them, but I am starting to itch to write again. Tomorrow we’re going to see Coco, and it’s Jed’s last day, but Thursday, I think I’m going to block out three hours in the morning to hopefully write.

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