Having some serious thinky-thinks about creative work in 2018, and where to focus my energies. Would love input. I’m going to be trying to block out every weekday morning for six hours for writing and reading, which, if it happens, should create a lot of solid work time. But what to work on??

Some things are fixed — I’ll definitely be working on:

– finding a publisher for the new cookbook
– the SF novel
– the next Wild cards story
– other SF stories
– continuing to host the SLF reading series quarterly
– continuing to host the Maram Arts reading series in Oak Park quarterly

Other things are probable:

– nonfiction book tentatively titled ‘Make Beautiful’ (experimental lifestyle book)
– continuing to work on Sri Lankan-American fusion recipes for Serendib Kitchen, with a possible cookbook down the road

But then there’s some random possibilities that I’m waffling about:

– try podcasting (about what? simplest is just basically reproducing my blogging in audio form, but would that interest anyone?)
– try weekly cooking videos (possibly with Kavi), v. brief, to show techniques
– something garden?
– try writing a serial story for Patreon, something locked just for supporters, to generate a more solid income stream to help pay for assistant Chris (if so, what genre? I think the SF story is so dark, I might need something light and fun to balance it, just for my own sanity)
– take another stab at finishing revisions on the memoir (oh, the memoir.)
– something for Serial Box

Requests gratefully accepted. I have enough ideas for a dozen people, but not a dozen people’s worth of time!

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