I have posted travel photos before, but Hawai’i is so unreasonably beautiful (I literally keep saying, like an idiot, “It’s so beautiful here”) that I am feeling guilty about posting these.

When I first started blogging and documenting my life, I was a pretty broke just-graduated student; that was around the time I was dodging my landlord in the street because I hadn’t paid rent for two months because there were no jobs to be had in Chicago. So there were no fabulous vacations to unreasonably beautiful places — you got a blurry picture of my cat, if you were lucky.

My life is very different now; among other things, I have notably more money on hand, which allows for a lovely house and garden and even, by the grace of Jed, a tropical vacation. I worry that sharing these makes people feel sad. But it also feels weird to just not post them, or the nice party-I-hosted photos, or the lovely garden. It would feel like a lie to just…go dark.

Don’t really have any answers, although I guess my choice is clearly to post, since here the photos are. Some parts of my life at the moment are unreasonably beautiful. This too shall pass.

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