Hasty Baste

Feeling moderately accomplished that when Kavi told me that she’d like to walk in the fashion show on International Day at the school this Sat, I was able to pin up one of my sari blouses to mostly fit her and then quickly sew a coordinating wrap skirt out of some patterned gold sari fabric I had in the basement fabric hoard. She was pleased; mommy win.

It’s the simplest kind of sewing — just a big rectangle with a folded hem at the bottom and a bigger hem at the top, that I could thread a ribbon through. (Nicely contrasting neat selvedges meant I didn’t even have to hem the sides.) Kavi could have sewn it herself, actually, now that she knows how to use a machine, but I could do it easier and faster (and I’d have to do the ironing part for her anyway, as we haven’t taught her to use an iron yet). Twenty minutes from concept to finished wrap skirt is, I admit, v. satisfying.

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