Then, profit.

Had a really nice meeting with Teresa Powell, Village Clerk, who kindly helped me think through a little more of my arts center idea — also talked a bit with Michelle Vanderlaan (owner of SugarCup) last night after the trustee forum. People are so helpful, and with every conversation, I get to refine the idea a little more. Right now, I’m leaning towards having both a for-profit and a non-profit arm to the center, dividing up something like this:
– rent out the space for small, cool weddings and other events (corporate events, etc?)
– offer monthly membership ($50? $75?), which gives access to co-working space (meeting rooms, quiet work rooms, and the cafe area)
– charge for tickets to shows in the performance area (splitting profits with performers of course)
– charge for writing classes, which aren’t offered really in Oak Park yet, as far as I know — I don’t want to teach them, but I bet I can find good people to do so
– cafe / bar / shop selling local artist & writer goods, along with basic yarn and needles / hooks, other basic art supplies
The non-profit area TBD! But any other ideas for for-profit would be welcome; I’d like to develop that section well before I go meet with the OP Development Corp. to talk about what kinds of spaces are available in the area.
Also thinking about space needs now, like room for a little mobile stage, big enough for a few musicians to set up, or a small play, or an officiant and bride and groom)

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