Thanks to Kat and Nara and two lovely women whose names I’ve already forgotten, sigh, who helped me clean up after last night’s OPALGA potluck. Even though it was a HUGE party (I think the biggest we’ve had here when it was too cold to spill outside, so ALL the folding chairs got pressed into use), and the table and island were just stuffed with food, the clean-up was done in about 15 minutes with all the help. Much appreciated, since I have a busy day today with four events upcoming!

I didn’t take any photos, sorry, but had a terrific time — we even spent at least half an hour belting out show tunes at the spinet; as one delightful man said, “Honey, this is the gayest your house has ever been!”

Possibly in *both* senses of the word. I was really happy. 🙂 I have GOT to get a queer open mic going in Oak Park; I miss this energy. And I’d really like to connect this group with high school group — they’d get a lot from each others’ company, I think. Of course, I need to meet the high school group first….it’s on my list!

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