I don’t have 2017 resolutions per se, but I have January resolutions, or rather, a plan that I want to try out, that will hopefully improve my life. Right now, I spend too much time on Facebook and tv, and not enough time exercising and reading. So what I’m planning to try:
– at 8 p.m., set Self Control running for 16 hours, so I won’t have laptop Facebook access again until lunchtime.
– put away computer in office; stop taking it to bed. Take a book to bed instead.
– get up at 5 a.m. and put on exercise clothes first thing.
– have tea and breakfast, check Facebook and e-mail on phone (I’m much less likely to spend a lot of time on this on my phone, as I find the interface irritating)
– exercise for at least 20 minutes
– write a scene
– 7 a.m., get the kids ready for school, and switch into prepping for teaching, dealing with e-mail, etc.
The hope is that if I can start each day with exercise and writing, I will be MUCH happier. We’ll see how it goes. I’m going to try to commit for this for a month, try to reset my habits.

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