Write and walk

Tried something new — took laptop down to treadmill desk (board tied onto arms of treadmill = treadmill desk) and LEFT it there. If I wanted to use it, for Facebook or writing, I had to walk back downstairs to the basement and walk at 1.5 to use it, which I did for about two hours, broken up into a couple of sessions. (I also started the day with 20 minutes walking at 3.0).

Result: I hit my 10,000 steps by 1 p.m. today. Whoa. It’s all gravy from here. I think I’m going to take it back upstairs now, but this was a fascinating experiment, and will likely be repeated tomorrow. (I also wrote another scene of the novel, woot! I am pretty sure I think better while walking than while sitting. Though the break for a long shower in the middle also helped with scene composition.)

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