2016 recap

Helped Anand get to a much better place with school. No new cancer, and the end of a lot of cancer follow-up treatment. (Just a few small reconstruction surgeries to go, in 2017). New niece Savreen! Wrote a novel, decided to put it aside and write another. Got healthier, building muscles, flexibility, and cardio capacity with regular weekly training. Published various smaller things. Endured a miserable election and decided to run for local office, which is much more interesting than I would have expected.

Am feeling anxious for 2017 and the American / world political landscape, but I am at heart an optimist, and still think society will eventually get better, so as long as no one pushes a nuclear button or drives us off a climate change cliff, I think the country / world as a whole can recover from what’s likely coming in the next four years (though many individuals will suffer grievously). I hope all the people who were energized by this election stay energized, and get involved as best they can with the political process, activism, etc.

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