It is really hard to get myself to the gym when it’s this cold out (currently 24 degrees F). It just feels like adding insult to injury, that I have to subject myself to the cold AND the effort of a workout. I managed it this morning by telling the kids they could have an extra twenty minutes to take it easy this morning, that I’d drop them at school instead of having them take the bus. Adding on that errand before my trainer session, plus a stop for a bagel in between, made it all feel more worth doing. And they certainly appreciated it.
But I probably can’t do that every week, all winter long. I think we’re entering the season where I really start using the Wii Fit and the treadmill in the basement again. I see other Chicagoans out in the dead of winter, running. Even if I get fit enough to run, I don’t think that’s ever going to be me.
Plan for the rest of today — train, get groceries, and then go home and alternate grading and cleaning for the rest of the day. The laundry situation is getting mildly dire — it took a while to hunt up a clean pair of pants for Anand this morning. If I’m very good, I might have time to make another holiday sweet. I think some kind of Sri Lankan-inflected truffles are next on the agenda.

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