Shout-out to Tiffany and Katy, who suggested that I stop by the local LGBT org’s monthly potluck dinner to collect signatures. The food was divine, the company was delightful, and in about fifteen minutes, I had another twenty-odd signatures, putting me at about forty-seven or so total, which I think is plenty. (25 is the minimum.) I was sad that I had to leave after two hours to relieve my sitter — the carol-singing was just getting going.

It was also refreshing / rejuvenating, in a way that’s hard to explain. So much of my life these days looks very straight, with the two kids and the husband. Most of the people I socialize with are straight families. They’re lovely people, but. After Pulse, I went to a rally in Boystown, and it reminded me that there’s a part of me that longs for queer spaces. It’s not easy to find time for that in my current life, but I do miss it. I wish we had a regular queer open mic or something like that in the area; I bet the teens and twenty-somethings would come. Maybe something to organize in the future.

I’m going to be hosting the potluck in March, which is something.


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