Cookies and blintzes

Woke up tired, but yesterday I’d grabbed a freezer container full of rice and curry out and tossed it in the fridge, so I was all set to have curry for breakfast, which was very heartening. Rice and chicken curry and roasted beets and broccoli and potatoes and eggs — I can’t remember when I packed all this up, must have been after some dinner party or other, but I’m grateful for it now. There’s enough for 3-4 meals, so that should get me through until tomorrow night, since there are also various holiday events this weekend.
Plan for the rest of the day — shower and dress and grade final papers for an hour. At 10 check out a video conference on running for office, then head over to the local Democratic holiday party, where hopefully someone will check and make sure I filled out all the running-for-office forms correctly and possibly notarize them for me. Adam is coming to babysit the kids.
This afternoon, I’m supervising holiday cookie baking with Kavi and her friend Emma (and possibly Anand — he says he ‘may help out here and there,’ in between his video games — we grateful for any help the young prince condescends to provide). I’m thinking reindeer peanut butter cookies, white-chocolate / peppermint popcorn balls, and classic go-nuts-with-the-sprinkles sugar cookies.
After that, three more hours of grading — hope to finish it off then. And then we dress up fancy and go across the street for our neighbor’s holiday party — they always bedeck their home to the max and put out an awesome catered Polish spread; I can already taste those pierogies and blintzes, yum. Hm…maybe I should schedule an hour on the treadmill in there somewhere. 🙂

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