Whoa, I’m kind of shakingly exhausted. I fell into a bath at 8:30, climbed out at 9, and promptly fell into bed again, with no plans to leave it. It’s been a really intense couple of days, between the podcast recording all afternoon yesterday and today (surprisingly tiring, I think because we’re ‘on’ and thinking hard for several hours), and the mad rush of deciding to run for office a few days before the filing deadline, going to political meetings and gathering signatures a bit frenetically. (And of course, I still have this stupid cold. It’s mostly just a lingering occasional cough at this point, but I’m sure it’s making me more tired than normal.)
With Kevin out of town, this wouldn’t have been possible without my two babysitters (thanks to Franki and Adam!), and even with them, it’s a little intense of a pace for the kids, who have barely seen me yesterday and today. It’s okay for two days, I think, but not something I’d be willing to do long-term, not with them still so young. Definitely part of my exhaustion is just being drained from worrying about the kids yesterday and today, worrying whether they were upset by the changes to their routine, worrying about whether the traffic driving back from the city would make me late enough to stress the babysitters, etc. (It’s also lucky for us that we can afford the extra babysitting costs — a potential barrier to parents running for office.) But Kev will be back Sunday, and he doesn’t have any travel for months, so we should soon reset into normal family patterns.
The house is definitely falling apart, a noticeably higher level of mess than usual. It’s driving me a little nuts. I’ll be home most of tomorrow, though, so I should have time to set it in order again, in between grading final papers. I am weeks behind on Christmas decorating, which is a bit unnerving (I usually do it the weekend after Thanksgiving), but not actually important. I haven’t written anything in days, of course, but I’ve actually learned a bunch from the podcasting, so that’s not bothering me as it might otherwise.
Just pondering what exactly winning this election would be likely to do to my life and schedule. I think it’d be fine, though. I’ve decided to delete Scandal from my Hulu queue — that’ll get me back some hours / month this spring. 🙂 Of all the activities in my life that could be cut, giving up some tv is likely the least painful. (I watch a lot of tv.)
Plus, this frantic pace is mostly an accident of my deciding to run just before the filing deadline. It should slow down to something more reasonable. And one side benefit already is that I’ve met quite a few interesting and civic-minded people in the last few weeks. More friends for my parties, more people to feed. Yay!


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