Was aiming to write from…

Was aiming to write from 10 - 3 today. Got back from the hospital at 9:50 -- decided to spend 15 minutes raking leaves in the front yard, mostly because it's so beautiful and perfectly autumnal out right now. Now my yard is a bit neater (the leaves raked into the flower beds to serve as mulch), I've gotten the blood pumping a bit, and I've enjoyed some fresh air. Turning off Facebook / Hulu / Netflix until 3:15 p.m. (when the kids come home). Also planning to ignore the phone if it rings.

Things to work on:

- read Julie​'s comments on the first revised chapter of Flight (thanks, Julie!) and rework it -- go on to chapter 2, hopefully.

- read more of The Godfather (bad guy research) and re-read Matilda and Ramona Quimby, Age 8 (trying to figure out if the kids' book I'm writing wants to be chapter book or early middle grade)

- move over another twenty or so cancer log entries into the Word file

- revise and write another chapter of the kids' book, which I think needs a different title. It was called _Anjali's Naughty Day_, but a) I am afraid a girl's name will keep boys from picking it up, and b) I'm not loving the word 'naughty,' either in the title or the first chapter (where it is currently used liberally). We use it, but it's got sort of archaic / sexy connotations, neither of which I want. Need to come up with another word, I think. Mischief? Trouble? Something along those lines. _A Day for Mischief_. Hm.

- some more exercise at some point, probably going for a walk, see beautiful weather noted above. Am tempted to combine with a household errand, so walk feels more purposeful, but on the other hand, am trying to avoid thinking about domestic things during writing time. Hm. Maybe I should listen to an audiobook instead. Hm.

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