Sorry for all the…

Sorry for all the writing schedule talk -- feel free to skip. I share in case some of you are struggling with similar things. Kevin and I are both trying to figure out how to carve out larger blocks of work time, ideally without cutting into family time. The kind of writing I do when it's all chopped up with interruptions is different from the kind I do when I have big blocks of time. Trying different things to see what works.

This week, no Airbnb, but I'm blocking out 10-3 Mon, 9-9 Wed, and 10-3 Fri for writing. (I teach T/Th). M/F I'll be working at home; Wed I'm planning to be out of the house for at least the 3 - 9 p.m. part, and is going to require finding a sitter for the two hours after the kids come home, because Kev's at work then. Kev's going to take Thursday off similarly, so I'll have the kids for the afternoon / evening then.

I'm going to be strict with myself -- no Facebook then, no tv either, and no extended socializing (brief conversation with other writers working in the same space is okay). I can read books and exercise if I need a break from writing, or do yarn work and listen to music. I can still think while doing that, whereas if I'm watching tv, my brain is consumed by the tv. If I were a tv writer, that might be okay, but I'm not. So. We'll see how the week goes.

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