Well, writing day did…

Well, writing day did not go as well as hoped -- I got really sick, for no discernible reason, for a few hours this afternoon. Dizzy, nauseated. Strange. It's passed, thankfully, but I still have kind of an odd pokey headache in one bit of my head.

I did manage to avoid doing anything domestic for five hours, though, also Facebook and tv, (took willpower), and I finished reading _The Godfather_, and I took a longish walk with Ellie. So, I'm going to call that a win, since the goal is to try to habituate myself to long stretches of focused work again. (Instead of trying to do things in many little bits and pieces.)

Just took some Advil -- if it helps with the headache, I may take another stab at the writing before dinner, if the kids allow. May just think about bad guys for a while. There are lots of different kinds in _The Godfather_. Useful.

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  1. Take a hot shower/bath and let hot water beat on your head while massaging it. Most likely that will help. If you had a migraine-type experience, though, then you want to take a ziplock full of ice-water and apply it to your head. Depends on the type of headache.

    Your symptoms actually sound a bit like a classic migraine, but you haven’t had them before, I think?

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