I have discovered that…

I have discovered that pruning and tying up roses does not pull on my surgery incisions. However, driving the kids to school because the bus apparently came super-early does. Everything right now is being measured in terms of whether it pulls on the incisions or not, and also in terms of my energy levels.

I had worked back up to my standard 12-15K daily steps pre-surgery; post-surgery, major regression, and now I'm now slowly working my way back up to 10K (I managed 8K yesterday, which was a big improvement, but felt completely exhausted by 3 p.m.).

I am feeling guilty that I am not teaching today, because I *could* -- but it's actually pretty clear that I shouldn't exert myself that much yet. Will let my supremely competent co-teachers handle the classes, take my disability day, and hope / expect to be well enough to teach by Thursday. Feeling grateful for a job that comes with health insurance, and for a supportive department.

Minor goal for today: ride bicycle around the block. What I really *want* to do is ride it down to Eastgate Cafe and then spend the day writing there, but given that I haven't been on it in months, I have realized (just barely) that committing to a three-mile round-trip bike ride would be remarkably foolish. So, around the block. I will plan to work myself up to more slowly and carefully -- can reward myself with Eastgate and writing in a few days or next week.

Have I mentioned that I am *not* a patient person? I like results FAST.

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