Thanks to my sister…

Thanks to my sister Sharms, whom I called just to check in with, because it's been quite a while, but ended up talking through my whole protagonist problem with instead, and made some definite progress. (For one thing, instead of starting the book confused and depressed, as she currently does, I now think Maya is going to start the book broken-hearted and *furious.* Much better.)

I am planning to do the same talk-through with Kevin and possibly Jed later tonight, and am dragging Kat and Amanda over tomorrow morning @ 9 to do it again, and mostly, I don't expect them to actually figure any of it out for me, but I find it remarkably helpful to talk this stuff out, out loud. I can do the work by myself, walking in the woods or sitting in a caf, but some parts of it go much faster if I verbalize.

I don't know why, but at this point in my life, I am not inclined to fight what works for me. :-)

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