We got to go home around…

We got to go home around 4 yesterday, when the coin moved into Anand's stomach. Now we're just waiting for it to pass naturally, but he should be fine.

The two hours of weeding this morning were a bit much for me, it turned out -- I had to rest for a few hours after before I felt semi-normal again. But still, managed to feed my kids breakfast and lunch, am now hosting a playdate with four additional children, have pruned / cleaned up the back deck, cleaned the kitchen, and have chocolate-chip banana bread baking. Still not caught up on e-mail, but have made some progress on the most urgent. I'm not back to normal energy levels yet, but that horizon, it's not nearly as far away as it was.

(Up to about 4200 steps, which seems about right for now. Still aiming for 5-6K for the day, so as not to over-tire myself. Yesterday ended up being much higher, over 8000, but that's because a few extra hours of walking around hospitals got unexpectedly added to the day. Still, I survived.)

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