I think beef and potato…

I think beef and potato curry is my touchstone food. It was my favorite dish of my mother's, it's the first thing I really learned to cook, and even though that was twenty years ago, I still end up defaulting to it when I'm tired, stressed, cranky. Kevin made it for me once when I was getting home from a trip, and I didn't know he even knew how to make it, and I almost started crying when I walked into the house and smelled the curry.

Which is part of why it was *so* disturbing when chemo meant that I couldn't tolerate spicy food anymore, but thank all the gods and little fishes, that seems to have finally passed. And even though I am pretty tired tonight, Kevin cut up the onions and potatoes and beef for me, and I was able to make the curry, and it is simmering now, and will be ready soon, and I am still too tired to be as excited as it deserves, but on some level, I am very happy.

If I were trapped on a desert island and could only have one dish, it'd be beef and potato curry (with bread).

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