He’s fine, but Anand…

He's fine, but Anand swallowed a quarter while I was at work. He told Kevin, and Kev took him to the emergency room. I met them a few hours later, and they've now transferred me and Anand to Rush (near UIC, so I could, in fact, walk back to my office from here). The coin is stuck partway down his chest, so there's a slight chance of it blocking his airway, which is why we can't go home. We're waiting for it to move down to his stomach, at which point we can safely leave and just let it pass naturally. If it doesn't do that after 24 hours (around 11 a.m. tomorrow), they'll sedate him and have an ENT fish it out, which is apparently a very straightforward procedure. Kevin and Kavi have gone home; I'll stay with Anand until he's allowed to go home. Anand swears he will NEVER swallow a coin again.


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  1. Oh no! I hope he’s OK. I have 2 boys & being female myself, it’s been really eye-opening to witness their extreme physicality. We spent last Sunday in the ER due to a fall & concussion in our 8 year old. He’s OK, but it was pretty scary.

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