I started out with such…

I started out with such ambitions today (e-mail! repotting a plant!), and then around 9 was felled by feeling absolutely terrible. I tried to keep semi-upright in the living room for a few hours, but I have now given up and taken to my bed. So be it.

I find myself making plans for when I feel well again. Ambitious schedules that will no doubt crumble to dust when faced with the actual harried-ness of the semester. But still. I had a few mornings this month when I started out walking the dog and thinking about what I was going to write, and that was really good. Weeding in the cool morning was also lovely. I want to learn to draw. I find myself making little schedules for the fall:

- 5 - 7: make tea, walk the dog & think about writing, write or garden
- 7 - 7:30: get the kids dressed and on the bus
- 7:30 - 9: write or garden MWF, get dressed and go in for teaching on Tues / Thurs
- 10 - 10:30: MWF drawing practice (I've actually signed myself up for a Monday morning drawing class for this fall, after the surgery; hoping I'm not over-estimating my energy levels)
- 9:30 - 1: teaching prep / grading / e-mails or actual teaching
- after 1: six weeks of daily 30 minute radiation (plus travel / waiting time), plus once every three weeks 6 hour Herceptin infusions
- swimming / bicycling?

It'll all fall apart when faced with reality. But it's comforting, to daydream about a more energetic time that will hopefully come soon.

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