I walked the children to…

I walked the children to camp / preschool without falling over! Yay, me! Now I get to sit on the couch for half an hour and recover. But also, I need to eat something every two hours or so, or I feel as if my stomach is going to crawl up my throat and hit me over the head. (Not perhaps my best writing ever, that sentence, but I was going for visceral. Ha ha.) Little fruit and yogurt smoothies are a good snack to have around for immediate need-to-fuel, because apparently using a spoon on an actual cup of yogurt is too much effort. Also recommended, chicken-and-stars soup, although standing at the microwave for two minutes is sometimes beyond me.

Plan for today: As possible, catch up on e-mail, esp. sending course materials to my second co-teacher; even if low-energy, should be able to get through some e-mail today. Finish re-reading Jennifer Cruisie novel. Finish reading Marie Kondo book (not so impressed so far, I'm afraid, though I know many of you love it -- I suspect it is more helpful for those who aren't already neat / decluttered; I could see it being useful for someone in real cleaning/organizing crisis). Repot a few pots if feeling ambitious (and/or get Kevin to help with that). Knit a few more rows on the cursed-blanket-of-doom, because if I don't get this finished and out of my house soon, I will hurt someone. Set up new birthday present wide-format color printer, of which more anon. :-)

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