Woke up in a terrible…

Woke up in a terrible mood, probably because I woke up at 3 a.m. Usually I can shake that kind of thing, but two hours later, still super-cranky. I won't say I hate you all, but there is a seething frustration simmering. It's just the week of being sick, I know, and not getting anything done. I am so tired of just killing time with entertainment. It makes me angry. Some of it may also be the meds; irritability is apparently a side effect. I wonder how they measure how much of that is drug-related, and how much being-sick-of-being-sick-related.

2 thoughts on “Woke up in a terrible…”

  1. Dear Mary Anne,

    Does it help to say something so sincere and yet predictable that I wish so much for you to get better soon… To get properly well? Sending you thoughts of love, peace & light. xx

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