Feeling annoyed. Checked…

Feeling annoyed. Checked in at 10:30 for chemo, and it is now 12:15 and we're still waiting for the lab to get my meds ready. I think it's better to be scheduled earlier, because everything slows down more and more as the day goes on. I have things to do, people, and it is hard to concentrate when the guy next to me is watching tv and my headphones are apparently broken. :-(

Minor annoyances, but still.

12:52 update: Chemo has finally started (two hours late), and guy next to me has turned off loud tv, thankfully, but now his girlfriend has returned from picking up her lunch and she is eating a delicious-smelling Asian noodle soup which a) is rude when I can't go pick some up for myself, trapped as I am two feet away from him, and b) is explicitly against the chemo ward guidelines; we were told not to bring any smelly food because so many people here are fighting nausea. I mean, I have naan and saag and vindaloo at home, but did I bring it to the chemo ward? No; I ate their terrible (provided) ham sandwich on white bread instead, because it is innocuous and inoffensive in the scent department.

I'm sorry, I don't usually kvetch like this, but I am cranky. Am trying to practice forgiveness, esp. since they both look very young, in their 30s, which is awful for someone to have cancer that young. But now I want hot spicy gingery chicken-noodle soup, dammit. Very distracting.

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