Thursday recap –…

Thursday recap -- arrived on time, didn't get lost trying to find the hotel (after nineteen years of coming to Wiscon​, I have finally figured out how to navigate Madison's streets. I think). Made it to Guest of Honor readings with Kim Stanley Robinson and Alaya Johnson​ -- both of them are funny! Am looking forward to when Alaya's new book is available in paperback (because I am cheap, sorry, friend!). But if the idea of a plague in D.C. is appealing to you, you should go check out _Love is the Drug_. Sharms Murraj​, maybe for you? Too close to home?)

Afterwards, spicy dinner at Vientiane Palace, where I've decided the roast duck in red curry sauce is my new favorite. Met someone new, always fun, Ajit George. (And yes, I'm still excited every time I meet a new person of South Asian descent who is into SF/F.) Afterwards, walked back by the light of a splendid crescent moon (and many streetlights), under dramatic clouds. It looked like it ought to be a book cover. A quick drink with Kristin Livdahl​ (I got a spiked chai, pretty yummy, chai spices, cream, and vodka), and then I toddled off to an early bed. And that was #wc39 day 1.

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