Cancer log 79: Going in…

Cancer log 79: Going in today for the third round of not-really-chemo. (I'll explain that properly sometime soon, I promise.) It'll be a blood draw, a conversation with my oncologist (probably brief), and then a three-hour sitting in a chair getting an infusion; I'm going to try to get some work done, but the internet is spotty at Loyola, so I'll be mostly offline. My cell phone completely doesn't work in the chemo ward, so I can't phone people either. Ah well. Will bring a book or two.

After that, I expect to feel fine the rest of the day, and hope to get some gardening done -- my yard is sorely neglected and the weeds are starting to take over. I leave tomorrow for WisCon (am mostly packed already, yay, me), which I expect to be a rather weird convention for me, as I haven't signed up for any programming (usually I'm on 3+ panels / day). I do have one joint reading with Aqueduct, but that's it! I'll probably read the opening chapter from Flight.

In terms of not-chemo side effects, I'm expecting to be somewhat queasy and extra-tired for the next 3-7 days. (It was three days the first round, five days the second round -- not sure if that's an increasing cumulative effect, or more random). For any other convention, I'd probably just skip it, but WisCon is special, and the only time each year that I get to see a lot of dear friends, and I would rather be sick at WisCon than sick at home this weekend. Will hide in my room if I need to, but am expecting there will be stretches when I feel just fine and will be out and about. Will remember to pack the good anti-nausea meds, and huzzah for modern medicine and its wonders!


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