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The Speculative Literature Foundation is pleased to note that it is contributing funds to support the inclusion of emerging authors in a new anthology of Latino/a science fiction and fantasy, the first of its kind, Latino/a Rising.

From the editor, Matthew Goodwin, "Latino/a science fiction and fantasy may not have had much of an audience in the past, but it certainly does now. There are many Latino/a authors out there who are writing science fiction and fantasy and many more Latino/a fans; this anthology of short stories will be the first to cater to this growing audience. By showing the actual breadth of genres being used by Latino/a authors, the anthology will help change the perception of Latino/a literature. The general category of the anthology is speculative fiction, which includes hard and soft science fiction, fantasy, magical realism, utopian and dystopian fiction, post-apocalyptic fiction, and alternate histories. Publishers and fans are increasingly open to multiethnic science fiction and fantasy and so this anthology will enrich the landscape with new perspectives."

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