The kids were put to bed…

The kids were put to bed forty-five minutes ago, but they've been staying up a little later the last few days (weekend, holiday), and so weren't tired. Kavi had agreed to read Anand a book to get him sleepy, which is all fine and lovely, except for the bit where Anand apparently hit Kavi on the head because after finishing the book, she wouldn't give him a hug and instead pretended to be asleep. Once that was sorted, Kavi went back to her bed, and now Anand is jumping around the library trying to keep a balloon from hitting the ground as I try to read Cabeza de Vaca and make lecture notes for tomorrow. Did I mention that lately Anand has been refusing to wear any clothes for bed? So he's jumping around stark naked, gleefully chasing a bright blue balloon. It is a mite distracting.

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