I’ve just finished…

I've just finished listing the Kriti Festival Kickstarter sponsors on our sponsorship page. As I went through the list, I was struck once again by how kind and generous people are. Oh, there are some people planning to attend the festival who will hopefully get some direct benefit from our making it bigger and better. But there were also lots of people who I know won't be able to make it, and who donated anyway. Some are friends of mine, who chipped in anywhere from $5 to $500, just because they thought this was a cool project, or an important one, or maybe just because they knew it was important to me. Some are complete strangers, who, I would guess, care about desi arts and literature.

Regardless of your motives, once again, thanks, folks. It is very much appreciated.

I would be remiss if I didn't note that while the Kickstarter is over, it's still possible to sponsor the Kriti festival, making it possible for us to add more cool stuff, and extend more affordable registration to those in financial need. I'd love to do this again in a few years, twice as big, and make it completely free to the public. That would be so great.

Sponsorship comes with a few nice perks -- VIP seating at events, intimate meals with the author, editor and agent Guests of Honor, space in our lovely program book to advertise your favorite projects, etc. and so on. But mostly, it's a way to express your support. More info below.


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