I will refrain from…

I will refrain from posting a photo because sometimes I feel bad inflicting very meaty photos on my vegetarian friends. But today I asked Kevin what he wanted for dinner; he is sick, and he slightly pathetically asked for beef curry? And I felt quite bad for him after he was up all night with the sick child, so I decided to go old school, and do ALL the steps without skipping any bits, which I haven't done in oh, a couple of years or so (I blame the small children and their refusal to eat properly spicy food, although it might also be just that I am lazy). So now it'll simmer for a couple of hours and then it will be awesome; my hand and arm are a bit sore from all the slicing of kazillion onions and ginger and garlic into wee pieces and carving the meat off the bone (which also went into the pot) and the soreness is totally fine because this is love.

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