Garden notes: Hydrangeas…

Garden notes: Hydrangeas are happy, Russian sage, meadow rue, dahlias, butterfly bush, morning glories ditto. I want to add moonflower next year, and cleome -- I am very envious of the cleome my across the street neighbor has had blooming in abundance for months. Am curious what other local (zone 6a) gardeners have blooming right now? This seems a quiet time of year. Esp. if you have things in cool tones -- white, blue, purple, pink.

It's been soggy lately, so the volunteer mushrooms are happier than anything else in the garden. The largest dahlia bush is in the sunniest spot, unsurprisingly. I tucked in this five dollar morning glory somewhat randomly next to the front foundation railings, not sure how it would do. It's spreading beautifully, and has finally made it up to the porch deck, and is now climbing the upper railings. V. happy with it -- not sure if it'll come back on its own next year (it's an annual), but if not, I'm going to try to remember to plant another.

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