I’m going to decrease my…

I'm going to decrease my Facebook (Twitter, G+, Pinterest) time even further, I think. Taking 5 hours to work this morning was good, and that's definitely going to continue on weekdays; I was much more efficient and productive (mostly urgent e-mail, a bit of writing). But a) I want to spend more time reading books and with my family this summer, and b) I need a break from all the heart-breaking, stomach-churning stories of violence against women. It's good that we're having this conversation, and I wish I could contribute to it -- but I just can't, not right now.

So for the rest of the week, I'm going to try going off Facebook again @ 3:30, when my kids come home, for the rest of the day. I'm essentially limiting it to about 6 - 8 a.m. (early morning puttering time), and 1:30 - 3:30 p.m. We'll try it for a week, see how it goes. I'm hoping that y'all won't even notice the difference much, since I'll still be reading and posting a fair bit. But the more concentrated chunks will, I hope, help create a healthier balance in my life.

We'll see how it goes. Using Self Control (the Mac program) to turn off Facebook now.

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