Amazingly, I turned off…

Amazingly, I turned off Facebook for the last twelve hours, and I didn't really miss it. Admittedly, I was asleep for eight of them, but still. Kevin was busy working (with all my travel this month, he really needs to focus on work while I'm home, so we'll see each other properly inJuly?), but I had a nice leisurely time with the children, hanging out with them, taking them to the grocery store, eating dinner, reading while they played, putting them to bed, and then reading in bed some more. It was lovely.

There's a rock in the grocery store parking lot, and first Anand climbed up on it and declared himself King of the Rock, and then Kavya climbed up and declared herself Queen of the Rock, and then they were King and Queen of the Rock together. They would have happily played on that rock for a long time, but it was starting to drizzle, and I, being responsible, shooed them inside *just* before the skies opened up in a lovely thunderstorm.

Midwest thunderstorms are the best. Cute children are the best. Reading awesome books is the best. Facebook iswell, sometimes it's the best, but sometimes, it's nice to step away a little. :-)

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