Plan for today: get Kavi…

Plan for today: get Kavi breakfasted and to school, revise c.v., write statement about what I've achieved in the six years since I started at UIC (oof), get Anand breakfasted and to school, complete Gen Ed evaluation form, complete reimbursement form, go up to Devon with Neha and pick up sari blouse and samosas for WisCon (also tamarind paste and Chaokoh coconut milk, because we are out), at 1:30 get nails and eyebrows done, pack for WisCon, put away laundry, straighten up house, and if it's not too hot, weed dandelion, burdock, and mow back lawn. Trying to leave everything in good order for WisCon. And hang out from 3:30 on with visiting Alex Gurevich. Although I may abandon him to Roshani for a while in late afternoon so I can keep getting things done.

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