Little flowers in little…

Little flowers in little vases make me happy. I'm particularly pleased with the hellebores in this little glass vase; it's so easy to miss them in the garden, since they're low to the ground and downward-facing, and in this arrangement, you can really appreciate their pale, streaky colors. This variety of camassia is new in my garden, and I like the bicolored green-striped white blossoms; it's a bit unfortunate that I planted them in the same hole as the daffodils, and so they're buried a bit there -- I'm not sure if I can figure out how to fix that, honestly. But at least I picked some to bring inside and highlight. And the lilies of the valley are springing up in various wild patches; these three are in my powder room, where the small enclosed space highlights their lovely old-fashioned scent.

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  1. If I understood the problem….
    Wait until the daffodils die back. At that point bulbs should be recharged. Using a spade to loosen and a pitchfork to lift, dig out a big blob of dirt including the hellebore. Gently retrieve daffodil bulbs and replant in the ground (as long as it isn’t too hot – if too hot, wait until fall and then try). Move the hellebore with as much dirt as possible wherever you want and water well for shock. Water the daffodils well too. At least in Seattle, hellebores aren’t too picky and daffodils are easy.

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