In the last thirty…

In the last thirty minutes: A child poured glitter glue all over the piano keys. I cleaned it up as best I could -- we'll see if it plays tomorrow. A child confessed, in tears, eventually. She has lost art privileges for the week (a pretty severe punishment for a child who loves art). While I was cleaning and scolding and comforting, the pan with water on the stove boiled it all over and then scorched, ruining the pan. I started another pan. A very good friend called to tell me that she is pregnant. I am over the moon with happiness for her. I was so distracted talking to her that I almost forgot the second pan of water on the stove, but rescued it just in time. Then a child came to tell me that the other child had called 911. I served the children dinner. The police came to the door, and I told them everything was fine and apologized for troubling them. I would like Kevin to come home from his meeting now, because apparently single parenting is completely beyond me.

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