With the semester…

With the semester ending, there's a tendency to collapse and veg, but I think I actually have to put off the full collapse until June, as there are various deadlines and stuff-to-do. Am making myself a daily schedule for the next two weeks, just because I'm feeling anxious that I'm going to forget something major. The 'Neha here to work' parts are because I have a student employee working with the SLF and DesiLit this summer, full-time, courtesy of the AANAPISI grant, yay! I'm hopeful that between us, she and I can really revamp and reorganize both orgs and get them to a more professional, less ad hoc footing. :-)This is the life of a writer / professor in the summer. It's good, but it is not all lying on the beach. :-)

  • Friday 5/9: revise grey essay for Salon and return to editor; buy NY trip plane tickets; cook dishes, grocery shop, go to CYDR dinner
  • Saturday 5/10: clean house; Kevin's dad comes to visit
  • Sunday 5/11: Mother's Day, relax and spend time with family

  • Monday 5/12: finish grading, file grades; Neha here to work in a.m.
  • Tuesday 5/13: writing day at house; revise "Communion" and send out (Clarkesworld? Tor.com?)
  • Wednesday 5/14: Neha here to work in a.m., two readings in evenings, going late; take nap!
  • Thursday 5/15: Neha here to work in a.m.; writing workshop @ 12:30; clean up vegetable beds; buy and plant tomatoes
  • Friday 5/16: Neha here to work in a.m., Ragdale residency deadline; prep application and file
  • Saturday 5/17: prep for Kavi's party
  • Sunday 5/18: Kavi's birthday! Party!

  • Monday 5/19: Neha here to work in a.m., Illinois Arts Council deadline; prep application and file
  • Tuesday 5/20: writing day at house
  • Wednesday 5/21: materials due to department for promotion file; send draft to Lisa
  • Thursday 5/22: leave for WisCon!!

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