Okay, so for tomorrow’s…

Okay, so for tomorrow's CDYR dinner, Samanthi made shrimp curry and lentil curry; I think Roshani is making a cashew curry. I've done beetroot curry, eggplant sambol, and chili eggs. Tomorrow, kale salad definitely (I may try to talk Roshani into making it, since it's her recipe), ginger-garlic chicken, and I think I'd better do a yogurt raita, for its cooling properties; I just realized that I maybe shouldn't have done everything to Sri Lankan spice levels. Yes, most of the guests will be desi, but that is no guarantee of liking the spicy. I forget.

So my one question is whether I do two separate dishes, a spicy potato curry and a cauliflower fry, or do I just do a combined cauliflower-potato fry, in a bigger batch? I think the latter -- the spicy potato curry is very similar in flavor profile to the chili eggs (which, incidentally, is why I rarely make it these days). And *no* chili in the cauliflower-potato. Okay, I talked myself into it. Sometimes talking out loud (or on Facebook) helps. Now I have a plan.

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