Nothing scheduled for…

Nothing scheduled for today, which of course means that I have a desire to do all the things. Also, a desire to nap. So far this morning I have dealt with one major crisis -- while I was out last night, all the milk was used up making mac-and-cheese and giving it to children to drink with a heedless disregard for my morning tea needs. So the first thing I did was throw on a sweater and jeans and sneakers and walk two blocks to the gas station convenience store for milk, picking up eggs and sliced white bread along with it, because what the heck.

And then I had tea, and also doctored a bit of leftover beef stew to make it more Sri Lankan (add whole black peppercorns and apple cider vinegar), and ate said stew with said white bread. And then I cleaned my kitchen while watching the finale of _Once Upon a Time in Wonderland_, which was quite nicely satisfying. Oh, there were plot holes here and there, but overall, it was a rather lovely little one-season miniseries, and I recommend it unto you; I believe the whole thing is on Hulu, and you don't have to watch _Once Upon a Time_ in order for it to make sense.

Other things to do today: finish straightening up house, which is a bit in disarray after a hectic day yesterday (two hours); finish sewing skirt from last night's class (learned how to put in an invisible zipper, v. exciting, photos soon) (one hour); finish up about an hour's worth of grading; prep for tomorrow's classes; finish raking up too-thick mulch of leaves in front yard so all the spring bulbs can make their way out (two hours); possibly catch up on the last season of Game of Thrones with Kevin, if he has time; re-read _Trickster's Queen_ by Tamora Pierce, because I re-read the first book in the set yesterday morning, and now it will bother me until I finish.

In theory, I was also going to set aside some writing time today, but I am sleepy enough it's a bit hard to imagine focusing enough for writing. But very tentatively, I may do a G+ hangout from noon - 2 CST for writing. Lemme know if you want an invite.

I know, it sounds like a lot, but there are thirteen hours between now and bedtime with nothing actually scheduled. It's not unreasonable to think I can do a goodly portion of that. If I don't just goof off on Facebook all morning.

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