Two hours in the garden…

Two hours in the garden doing pruning and leaf clean-up; good for the soul and good for the body. Also a nice way to spend time with the children, who love helping. Kavi can actually help at this point, and Anand is learning not to destroy too many little plants. Snowdrops continue to bloom nicely -- I want about five hundred more of them. Do they spread, or will I have to plant them?

The rabbit repellent appears to be working -- a few of my crocuses are actually blooming now (rather than just being chopped off). The iris reticulates are blooming too, and I adore them -- mostly the dark ones, though. The pale lavender ones ('Katherine Hodgkin') are pretty enough on their own, but somehow don't make much of an impression in the early spring yard. I'm finding that I want glowing white or purple right now, to stand out against the dirt and dry leaves.

I have ruthlessly pulled a few bright yellow crocuses, which is a color not allowed in my front yard (I think they snuck in as part of a mix at some point). They're very nice tiny cut flowers in my kitchen now. And so, we progress. Another 2-4 hours to get the front yard fully pruned and cleaned, I think -- it probably won't happen today, but this week. The main goal is to keep any bulbs from being squished, and I think I've uncovered most of them now.

Iris retulata 'Katherine Hodgkin' and a snowdrop.


Snowdrops. Want more more more.

Imagine these times 100.

You can see the poor flower that got nibbled before I applied rabbit repellent, but the newer ones seem okay so far.

Pictured just before Kavya shouted, "Anand! Don't rake the flowers!!"

Iris reticulata. About as tall as my hand? Love.

Kavya breaks up russian sage for the compost bags. She worked hard!

Yellow crocuses.

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  1. Snowdrops: In England they naturalize beautifully. In Seattle (similar climate) they refuse to naturalize. In general: they are priced as if the sellers expect them to naturalize easily. So who know?

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