Egg dyeing, round one….

Egg dyeing, round one. This year, we tried a few new things -- brown eggs instead of white, and natural dyes in addition to the kit dyes. Personally, I love the colors you get with the kit dyes + brown eggs; just gorgeous, and I'd be very happy to blow out eggs (so I can save them) and dye them for household decoration that way. Have not really mastered blowing out eggs without leaving monstrous holes that needs covering up, though. Maybe next year. This year, we just hard-boiled them, so they won't last. The natural dyes plus brown eggs came out a bit brown/dark for my tastes -- you'll see. I saved the dyes, and am doing a batch of white eggs this morning, just for comparison purposes. You do need to soak in the natural dyes noticeably longer, so if you have impatient children around, you might want to do what we did and do artificial too. Also, they were at least as excited about adding stickers to the eggs as coloring them, and the little rub-on transfers that came in the kit were a bit difficult for this age group, so I'm glad we happened to have some small spring stickers for them to use.

I just think the interior of red cabbage is gorgeous..

Boiling red cabbage -- pretty.

Red cabbage leaves gave a dark lavender color to the water -- might give a similar color to white eggs?

Yellow onion skins being boiled.

Eager to start eggies!

Kavi started the first egg, while the others waited impatiently. (The white bowls have natural dyes that the grown-ups were working with -- we weren't sure the kids would be patient enough for those.)

I'm not sure about the middle top -- that might be the beet. The rest are all kit dyes, and I just love how the colors came out on the brown eggs.

Brown egg, beet dye, ten minutes.

Kavya wants you to know she isn't finished decorating her egg yet, which is why she wasn't displaying it in the photo.

We mixed three of the kit colors together, and then Kat left this one overnight. Love the color.

These all started as brown eggs. The front right is an egg dyed with beets for five minutes or so. Right above it is one dyed overnight -- gorgeous color, but it seems to be on it in a patchy sort of way; I couldn't get it out of the bath without kind of destroying the finish. The top back are purple cabbage left overnight -- very moody color result, not my favorite, but perhaps good if you're goth-ish. The yellow onion skins gave some nice orange eggs if left overnight, though a bit of the same finish issues. A short bath had given them just a light orange-ish tint to the brown.

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