Oh, exhausted. …

Oh, exhausted. Tomorrow's the strike, so picket lines. I was interviewed by ABC News on video-camera on my way home -- was a little startled and quite tired, but I think I managed to answer coherently. Don't know if it'll actually make it to air; I'm sure they're doing lots of interviews. Was kind of nerve-wracking, so not sure if I actually want it to make it on air. Only if I sound smart. And also sound worried about my students, which I actually am.

The two-day walkout we have scheduled is one thing, but if the administration doesn't actually start bargaining (rather than employing all kinds of terrible delaying tactics like just flat out not showing up for meetings, for *months* on end), then we face a real, no-end-in-sight strike. Which would be horrible for everyone. I have graduating seniors -- they don't deserve this additional stress and disruption. I hope their parents call and complain -- unless there's outside pressure, I don't think the administration will budge.

Hopefully we'll have a contract soon.

It is really incredibly frustrating being in this adversarial a position with management at a PUBLIC institution. It's not as if the university is supposed to be making a profit, or has shareholders to answer to. UIC is supposed to answer to the people of Illinois, for the quality of the education it is providing them. That's it.

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