I feel that I should…

I feel that I should post explaining the strike issues, but I am a) tired, and b) afraid of getting some important detail wrong. I may be braver / more coherent in the morning. But I will say this, re: one particular issue -- I really *hate* walking down the hallway to my office, knowing that I am passing, smiling and nodding with, saying hi to, a whole host of adjunct faculty who are being treated terribly. It is shameful.

And even though I didn't set the policies that led to this situation, even though I certainly don't write their far-too-small paychecks, and even though I am not even tenure-track, my situation is far better than theirs, and I feel terrible, working side by side with these mistreated teachers, on a daily basis.

There is a separate conversation to be had about whether it makes sense for the university to have different tiers of instruction. But even if we have them, there is *no good reason* we can't give our adjuncts a minimum of decent working conditions. Other universities have done it. So can we.

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