Note: I am feeling…

Note: I am feeling particularly slammed with real world work and am somewhat frayed as a result. Am going to try to limit Facebook time until I'm more caught up -- probably just a week or so. If you are posting on my Facebook wall, please try to keep your comments reasonably civil, because I don't have time / energy to moderate much this week. I am also feeling stressed about the upcoming strike, picketing, etc. If you say something and I burst into tears, it's not you, it's me. I did some of my course prep in a hot lavender-scented bath tonight, which seems to have helped a bit. But I can't spend all week in the bathtub, unfortunately.

Now I go back to reading Little Women, which I am teaching tomorrow. I thought it would be soothing, because I loved this book as a child, but my god, I had forgotten that basically every damn chapter is a moral lecture of one sort or another (sometimes four of them at once), all aimed at turning interesting girls into good 'little women.' I am all for an occasional moral lesson, taken in moderation, but this -- this is ridiculous. I had thought I would loan it to Kavi when she's older, but right now, I almost feel like this book is poison, and the sort of thing that should perhaps wait until she's an adult, able to engage critically with the pernicious attitudes it works so hard to inculcate.

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